For Parents

Arrival and Pick-up

Young children depend on regular routines for their own security. It is therefore recommended that you establish fixed hours to pick-up and drop-off your child. When your child arrives, notify a staff member of his or her arrival. Similarly when picking up your child, enter the building and make sure the staff know you are leaving. Unless otherwise arranged, children will not be released to any person other than those specified as Emergency Contacts listed in your Personal Information Folder. In the event that you are unavailable to pick up your child, you must inform the Centre in writing who is coming. Picture identification is required when picking up your child.


Drop-off Areas

Drop-off areas are provided off Cherry Street, and at the front of the church.   Please make an effort not to block in another car or prevent a staff member from getting into their spaces on the area located along the playground perimeter.


Admission and Discharge Policy

An interview is arranged prior to enrollment to familiarize you and your child with the surroundings, answer questions, and complete admission forms including the Medical Form which must be submitted before your child’s first day. A non-refundable registration fee is also required at this time.   You are encouraged to visit with your child to reassure them and minimize fears, until you and your child become more comfortable, before leaving your child in our care.

Written notice of permanent withdrawal must be given two weeks in advance. If notice is not received, full programme fees will be charged. (See page 5, Financial Arrangements for details on Vacation, sick time, etc.) St. Thomas’ Children’s Day Care Centre may terminate services if policies are not followed, fees are not paid, or if the programme is unsuitable for the child.