For Children


Children are disciplined in an age-appropriate and positive manner to promote self-discipline, ensure health and safety, respect the rights of others and maintain equipment.

St. Thomas’ Children’s Day Care does not under any circumstances permit spanking or any other form of corporal punishment.

Methods of discipline are discussed at staff meetings, and consistent disciplinary measures are agreed upon.


Ages of Children

St. Thomas’ Children’s Day Care has the facilities to accommodate the following children:

  • 30 Toddlers (18 months 30 months),
  • 72 Preschoolers (30 months to 5 years)


Health and Administration of Drugs

Your child’s health is of great importance to all of us. Upon enrollment you must submit your child’s medical form before your child’s first day. A daily health inspection is given upon each child’s arrival at the Centre. The person bringing the child must wait until the inspection is over before leaving the premises. Your child may be sent home if he or she appears to have symptoms of illness during the day. In such cases the child will be isolated from the others and a parent is contacted.

St. Thomas’ Children’s Day Care Centre in conjunction with Regional Niagara Health Services Department requires that a Health Information Form be completed upon enrollment. Please attach two copies of your child’s immunization form to this form.

Regulations require daily outdoor play for each child. Therefore, it is our policy that children too ill to play outside remain at home. Please keep your child home if he/she has experienced any of the following within 24 hours of expected attendance at the Centre: vomiting, diarrhea, fever.

This Centre will administer prescription drugs only. In accordance to provincial legislation, parents are required to provide:

  1. a) written instruction, including the dosage and times the drug is to be given; (fill out a medication form). Of particular importance are physian’s instructions for inhalers and epi pens
  2. b) medication must be in the original container, clearly labelled with the child’s name, date, name of drug, Medication must be properly stored in the medication cabinet in either the toddler room or the kitchen fridge.

Pet Policy:

Pets/animals are not permitted unless proof of vaccination is provided.


Clothing and Possessions

Please dress your child in clothing that is appropriate for physical activity, the weather and the season. Crocs and similar footwear flip flops, jellies are not permitted for safety reasons.  Running shoes or sandals with a back strap, are required.

Boots are required for the winter months. Avoid jackets with strings, scarves or hats with strings as they pose a safety risk as children climb and play outdoors. A second set of clothing is to be left at the Centre in case of accidents. All clothing and toys should be clearly marked with your child’s full name. All possessions should go home at the end of each week.


Toys from Home

Except for a soft toy for sleep time, we ask that you leave your child’s toys at home or in your car. If an item is brought to the Centre, we cannot be responsible for it. It must be shared and it must have your child’s name on it. If you have a book that may be of interest to all the children, we would appreciate this being shared with the class, but ask that it be left for several days.


These items are taboo at our Centre. A child must have a means to express feelings of aggression. We suggest clay to pound (manual dexterity), hammer and saw to use (good for visual-motor perception), punching bag to hit (and vent anger while developing perceptual abilities), finger paints (to soothe jangled feelings while practising a developmental rhythmic movement).